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Crew Members

Hamisi Ali AKA Dj Brownskin Murder

Was born on the 2th of February 1989 His interest in being a Dj begun at an early age of 10yrs old while listening to some of Kenya’s pioneer Dj’s. Of particular interest was Kenyan. Dj Kaydee, among many others. He also spent a considerable amount of time listening to international DJs and replicating their sound, and feel of music in his own spinning techniques. He would do this over and over again until he was able to craft his own distinct sound and flow. Dj Brownskin Murder.

Dj Brownskin Murder Brand Personal, Achievements, and Credits With a musical forte of playing different genres, DJ Brownskin Murder has established himself as Dj that can play for various audiences, age groups, and demographics. On the Kenyan scene, Dj Brownskin is known for his itchy fingers, eclectic flavor and flare for the latest music. However, he would never shy away at playing what the crowd wants to hear; anything to keep the party going and the reveler on the dance floor or the listeners tuned in.

In a relatively short period of time, Dj Brownskin Murder has established himself in the entertainment industry,He is well known and one of the best DJs in Kenya. Those who have been to one of his shows can testify

Eric Katende A.K.A Eric Selecta

Was Born in Early 1993.He has earned his rank as Amm Entertainment Mixxmaster with a promising future to be a leading selector in the country and beyond. From running petty errands for the group while at the Amm Entertainment to currently being a Fulltime Producer of African Vibe Mix Series™, Eric Selecta is living testament that it is passion, and not age, that enables a man to achieve his ambitions. He is One Of The Founders at Amm Entertainment serving revellers the best in urban Afrobeats & Dancehall in most of our theme nights in East Africa and beyond.

It is safe to say that the future of music entertainment in East Africa is safe courtesy of our talent search abilities and the Professionalism offered at Amm School Of Deejays.